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Women’s Health & CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD), is the main non-psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis. The cannabinoid has been gaining extra praise recently for its long list of medical benefits. People suffering from physical pain, anxiety, depression, IBS, and other conditions are finding relief through the use of CBD.

Aside from all of these general benefits of CBD, research and consumer feedback suggests that the cannabinoid fares particularly well with women.

This is because CBD acts as a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Many common problems that women face are caused by inflammation, such as digestive issues, acne, and menstrual cramps. Therefore, it only makes sense that CBD is successful in treating inflammation-related issues.

Here we give you 3 concrete ways CBD can work to help women live more enjoyable lives.

CBD Helps With Menstrual Cramps

If you are someone who experiences agonizing cramps during your menstrual period, you are definitely not alone. Severe menstrual cramps are no joke, and their pain factor seems to ramp up in women once they hit their mid-twenties.

Women typically try to find alleviation of these symptoms through the use of pain relievers, heating pads, and just about everything else. Most often, these options don’t provide the necessary relief that women are aiming for, further increasing the frustration and irritability associated with menstrual periods.

CBD can help ease painful menstrual cramps and other symptoms of PMS by fighting inflammation all over the body. Women that experience headaches, upset stomachs, and sensitivity during their menstrual period may find relife through the use of CBD. Simultaneously, CBD has the ability to naturally elevate your mood, helping with those god-awful mood swings and minor bouts of depression.

Women have found that CBD is exceptionally useful when taken just before and during their menstrual periods. Consumers have reported that CBD has alleviated the unpleasant symptoms of PMS. CBD comes in a variety of different forms, and can be administered internally with tinctures (putting a few drops underneath your tongue), edible, or vape. CBD can also be administered externally, with CBD oil, or by using a CBD topical cream.

CBD Fights Inflammation & Treats Autoimmune Diseases

Did you know that 75 percent of patients diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder are women? This includes diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Type 1 diabetes, Celiac Disease, IBS, Multiple Sclerosis, and lupus. These diseases are all caused by types of inflammation that affect the immune system.

These autoimmune deficiencies and diseases are all caused by inflammation in response to abnormal immune responses in your own body. These deficiencies are noticeable through stomach pains, itchy skin, and other irritable symptoms.

CBD has the potential to be an effective and less costly treatment for the symptoms of these autoimmune disorders. This is because of the cannabinoids amazing anti-inflammatory powers.

The cannabinoids found in CBD help suppress cytokines, important proteins in the body responsible for cell signaling. This way, women and other individuals with autoimmune disorders can treat their symptoms with the use of CBD.

CBD Provides Quick Relief For Women’s Anxiety

Now, women obviously are not the only ones who suffer from anxiety, but it turns out they are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety disorders. In addition to this, females and males may experience anxiety differently from each other due to different biological factors.

CBD has been proven to combat anxiety and other disorders. Whether you suffer from social anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD,) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or something similar, CBD could be an ideal choice for you. Many people prefer CBD because it is a natural remedy, and has a minimal risk (if any) for side effects.

One of the greatest perks about CBD is that it can provide immediate relief from symptoms of anxiety (rapid heartbeat/breathing, internal stomach pain, restlessness, and more) rather than taking a traditional antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication. In addition to this, most of these medications carry nasty side effects, such as fatigue, dizziness, nervousness, and more.

CBD can be viewed as a short-term solution for women struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depending on the severity and type.

CBD Can Stave Off or Relieve Menopause Symptoms

Menopause can really throw off a woman’s ECS off track because it only happens once in their lifetime. Throughout this process, the body is experiencing a sudden and significant endocannabinoid deficiency. This can result in some really unpleasant side effects.

Estrogen and endocannabinoid levels in a woman’s body are linked. Both of these levels peak during ovulation, where a decrease in the endocannabinoids’ signaling ability may be responsible for the negative and uncomfortable symptoms associated with menopause. There is still much research needed in regards to CBD’s effect on Menopause symptoms, but scientists are optimistic about it’s healing potential.

How Does CBD Relieve All Of These Symptoms?

If you’re wondering what makes all of this pain-relieving possible, it has everything to do with the body’s Endocannabinoid System. The body’s Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, is the central system responsible for regulating functions such as sleep, immune-system responses, and pain. When CBD interacts with the ECS, it sends signals to the brain instructing it to fight inflammation, pain, and other discomforts.

Recent science indicates that CBD can influence the Endocannabinoid to reduce the symptoms in a variety of illnesses, including epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, chronic inflammation, depression, diabetes, arthritis, anxiety, and more.


  • CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that works to fight many types of inflammation including autoimmune disorders, menstrual cramps, and mood swings.
  • CBD is an effective anxiolytic resource, significantly reducing anxiety symptoms instantly.
  • More clinical trials need to be conducted in order for medical professionals to provide the specific therapeutic effects CBD has on patients with autoimmune and inflammation diseases.
  • CBD is non-psychoactive and doesn’t produce the “high” associated with the consumption of cannabis.

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