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Product Review: Wildflower CBD Capsules

Brand spankin’ new to CBD just a few months ago, I was excited and anxious to give these Wildflower CBD capsules a try.

As someone who occasionally suffers from anxiety – usually by letting my worries get the best of me and working myself up before a problem even presents itself – CBD sounded very appealing.

Furthermore, as someone who is very health obsessed – eating clean, working out a ton and practicing self-care by way of meditation and gratefulness – CBD was attractive on another level for me: The cannabinoid is extracted from the incredible hemp plant, a renewable resource for so many different uses and industries, making CBD’s natural and sustainable status catch my attention pretty quickly.

As a freelance writer, I am often in charge of multiple projects at once, so getting my work priorities in order and scheduling my days around a strict time-block schedule is absolutely necessary for me to produce my best work.

Having done some light research on my own on the effects that CBD was producing for those already taking it – a lot of them claiming it significantly reduced their anxiety – I was more than ready to try it out for myself.

What Happened When I Took My First CBD Capsule

Just before an interview with a well-known author and speaker, I felt pretty nervous. This upcoming conversation was going to be the outcome of a big part of my work as a writer and interviewer.

I took the recommended two capsules with a glass of water (and a handful of almonds), and waited for the delightful talked-about effects to kick in.

After about 25 minutes, I started feeling good. Good in a way that was more focused, more aware of my conversation with the big wig I was speaking to, and actually, more confident. That pit in my stomach I sometimes get when I’m nervous had vanished. My caffeine headache also seemed to have subsided.

I continued taking the capsules (alternating with one per day and two per day, depending on what my day ahead looked like) every day until they were gone, treating them as a mid-morning wellness supplement to increase my focus and reduce my anxiety.

There was no “rush” or flood of instant effects as I continued to take them, but more of a steady and productive feeling that lasted several hours each time I took the capsules.

For me, they were a great therapeutic agent that produced pleasant effects of calm and focus, perfect for days where I needed to really be on my A-game with creating quality and captivating content, allowing me to be fully present during meetings and phone calls.

I would recommend Wildflower CBD capsules to anyone looking to reduce symptoms of anxiety, aid in gut health, and improve their mood and focus. They worked for me!

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