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Is CBD Safe for Teenagers?

By now we all know that CBD is safe for kids thanks to the FDA’s recent approval of the first cannabis-based CBD medicine for childhood epilepsy, but how can CBD help our teenagers live healthier lives?

First, a quick review of CBD and how it works. An acronym for cannabidiol, CBD is the second most abundant cannabinoid, or chemical compound, found in the cannabis plant to its more famous cousin THC. A key difference in the two compounds is that while THC is responsible for cannabis’ infamous high, CBD is completely non-intoxicating. CBD works by helping bring the body to a state of homeostasis, or all systems running optimally. This helps balance out functions and systems that get out of whack in our day-to-day.

Parents will love that no matter how much CBD you take it won’t get you high, yet it does have remarkable health benefits, some of which are ideal for dealing with the specific issues many teens struggle with like anxiety, depression, acne, and cognitive issues in school. Here are several ways nature’s favorite health supplement can give your teen a boost.

4 Ways CBD is Great for Teenagers

1. CBD can help relieve anxiety in teens

One of CBD’s most popular uses is for treating anxiety. CBD has a calming effect on the body and can help keep stress and heightened sensitivity at bay for all.

Teenagers notoriously deal with extreme levels of anxiousness due to encountering their first adult-like matters such as responsibility, social conflict, and planning for their futures. From submitting college applications to getting their first paying jobs, teenage stress is compounded by the fact that it is often the first real-world life experience they have dealt with.

Perhaps most importantly, navigating the tumultuous waters of teenage drama can bring new levels of anxiety to teens. With hormones going haywire, teens are well-known for being overly dramatic and can be harsh with each other at this challenging age.

CBD is a healthy, natural alternative to helping teens cope with the daily struggles of high school drama, social pressures, and more.

2. CBD can combat teen depression

Depression and teen suicide are hot-button topics in today’s climate. It is no secret that suicide rates are on the rise and that prescription depression medications are being handed out at an alarming rate. But what if CBD could not only be an answer to these difficult issues, but a natural and healthy one?

The truth is – it could be. Research into how CBD affects depression has only scratched the surface but is showing amazingly promising results. The same way that CBD can calm anxieties in teens, it can combat depression by calming the body and relieving stress. And the simple math is that less depression = less suicide.

3. CBD can help teens’ skin

It is a long accepted and unfortunate fact that along with hormones comes acne. We are at a much higher risk of developing acne during our teenage years, and it has been the skincare industry’s long-time goal to find the miracle product to get rid of zits. Enter CBD!

CBD has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties which means it not only helps with redness and irritation but helps cell turnover to heal skin. Washing the face daily with a CBD soap or cleanser can help clean the skin of acne-causing bacteria, while also safely calming inflamed skin. Following that by treating skin with a skincare product like a CBD serum or moisturizer can reduce the redness and prevent future breakouts.

4. CBD can help teens focus in school

We sometimes forget that even though our teens are starting to resemble young adults, they are still experiencing lots of growing pains. This means that teenagers need lots of rest, and when life gets in the way – from sports practices to late nights playing video games – that doesn’t always happen. Lack of sleep combined with dozens of other factors like social discord, anxiety from home life, and many more can lead to lack of focus affecting teens’ school performance.

CBD helps increase cognition and balance energy levels, making it a great supplement to help teenagers focus in school. This is another great example where CBD can eliminate the need for prescription medications in cases where your teen struggles with more serious attention issues like ADD/ADHD and takes meds like Adderal. CBD is an excellent natural alternative for those medications and others like them.

If your teen is struggling with serious issues like anxiety, depression, or ADD/ADHD, along with numerous other concerns like acne or trouble sleeping, speak to your family doctor about implementing a CBD supplement into their health regimen. This could mean completely replacing dangerous prescription medications that are harmful to teens’ still-developing bodies, such as internal organs like the kidney and liver.

CBD is safe for and has the potential to help those of all ages live healthier lives. Teens are yet another group that can benefit from the incredible healing properties of CBD in many remarkable ways.

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