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Celebrity Advocates of CBD

Multimedia companies, international retailers and well-known news sources are all talking about how CBD could be the next breakthrough market the health industry has ever seen

CBD is gaining attention everywhere for its many, many health benefits. CBD is treating chronic pain, anxiety and skin conditions. It is reducing seizures in people who have epilepsy, and it is giving individuals their lives back in forms of focus, energy and an overall feeling of improved health and wellbeing.

We thought we would take the time to show you just how valuable CBD is proving to be through the positive comments and reviews from heavy-hitting media companies, celebrities and other big-timers supporting a market that is making so many people’s lives more fulfilling.

8 Elite Supporters of CBD Treatment

  1. Forbes: Forbes has spoken on CBD’s behalf multiple times over the last year, with headlines including “Can CBD Replace Antidepressants?” and “The Right Way to Introduce CBD to Your Pets.” Journalist of the wildly popular tech and innovation publication have been exploring the cannabis compound’s multifaceted therapeutic effects, conducting interviews with well-known researchers, talking about the probable legalization of hemp as it pertains to the Farm Bill, and sharing success stories of folks who have found relief from their ailments by taking CBD.
  2. Entrepreneur: Entrepreneur, the go-to business publication for aspiring and veteran business owners, has gone so far as to provide its wide readership with advice on “How to Start and Market Your CBD Company,” and explaining the market research on “The Billion Dollar Business of CBD.” They have also written hard news articles on things to know before taking CBD, providing the cannabinoid’s common health benefits. They have spoken on multiple accounts, too, on how “The Hemp Business is Booming,” as well as reviewing big consumer product companies successfully selling CBD products.
  3. GQ: GQ, or Gentleman’s Quarterly, the insanely successful publication covering everything from fashion, style and music to sports, technology and culture for men, has talked about CBD many times, discussing specifics on “The Best Products for Soothing Your Body and Mind,” “Can Using This Cannabis Compound Make You A Better Athlete?” and “Our Favorite New Workplace Productivity Hack: (Non-Psychoactive) Drugs.” It has delved into the sports world on the topic of CBD, talking about Al Harrington, former NBA player, wanting to build a cannabis empire.
  4. GOOP & Gwyneth Paltrow: If you have been following Gwyneth and her cult-like lifestyle brand, GOOP, you probably know she (and her loyal followers) are huge fans of the luxury cannabis market. The famous actress turned wildly successful business woman has hosted many luxury wellness events on the East and West coasts, most of them including speaker panels and products based around CBD and the cannabis industry. Talking about the future of cannabis at one of her events, Gwyneth said, “I love this subject. It really has the potential to shift old patterns of thought and change lives, and I feel like we really could be on the precipice of something a lot bigger than we realize, scientifically.”
  5. Amazon: Amazon, the online retailer quite literally taking over the world through founder Jeff Bezos’s genius creativity and innovation practices, sells thousands of different hemp oil products. They also sell CBD books, CBD patient guides and CBD dog treats and hemp creams. It’s only a matter of time before Amazon welcomes the full line of CBD products.
  6. Walmart: The family-friendly shopping marketplace known for that big yellow smiley face and rollback savings signs is now toying with the idea of selling CBD products. The world’s largest retailer already sells hemp seed oil, hemp seed snacks, hemp oil softgels and hemp protein powder. Walmart Canada has done some preliminary fact-finding on the CBD market, with the company’s spokeswoman stating in recent article that, “We see this as a potential platform” to sell CBD.
  7. Coca Cola: Coca-Cola is also eying the cannabis industry, taking into serious consideration creating a CBD-infused beverage line. A Coca-Cola spokesman remarked on the possible collaboration that, “We are closely watching the growth on non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world.”
  8. The TODAY Show: The top-rated news channel has had CBD come on as their special guest multiple times in recent months. Interviewing doctors and industry business owners on the health benefits of CBD, Savannah and Hoda have given viewers the scoop on everything from buzzworthy beauty as it relates to CBD, CBD oil as a health trend for health-conscious consumers, and serious cases of children finding relief from their medical conditions after taking CBD.
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