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CBD May Help Runners Perform Better

They say running gives you a “runner’s high.” If you are a runner, you know very well that that is accurate. Now, what if we told you that “runner’s high” has the potential to be further enhanced by a little something great called CBD?

CBD, the ever so popular wellness compound, has attracted attention from everyone from researchers and scientists to health and wellness gurus to the nextdoor neighbor seeking treatment for his arthritis.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the non-intoxicating component derived from the cannabis plant – more specifically, the hemp strain of the cannabis plant – that has opened up a whole new world of natural health that many industries are opening their eyes and ears to.

While the multifunctional compound provides seemingly infinite health benefits for people looking to improve their wellbeing, we are looking specifically at how CBD helps runners reach peak performance during every run.

And, to clarify, this doesn’t just include olympic and professional runners. This is for anyone who is a regular runner or anyone who enjoys running, and how you, your mind, and body can greatly benefit from taking CBD as it relates to athletic performance.

5 Major Ways CBD Benefits Runners

CBD gives you an energy boost

On days where you simply don’t feel like getting up and going for a run, CBD can provide that jolt of energy you need (especially in the wee hours of the morning) to power through a long run.

CBD is known for waking up the body when it feels tired, which is why many people enjoy stirring it in their morning coffees and smoothies, or adding some CBD cooking oil into their breakfast meals. CBD is a natural mood elevator, which transitions nicely into being a great supplement for long-lasting motivation to running faster, longer and stronger.

CBD provides quick pain relief

Runners run into (pun intended!) joint pain and inflammation frequently, as they are putting a lot of strain on their knees, lower backs, ankles, and feet. Traditional ways of calming the pain/inflammation include rubbing warming or cooling creams into the affected area, usually providing an unwelcoming burning sensation, and not working to provide relief for more than an hour or so.

CBD topical creams, on the other hand, are known for providing fast, soothing relief lasting for much longer periods of time (and with less nasty smell).

CBD is also commonly taken as a pain reliever. Whether that pain is from headaches or injuries, the compound binds to receptors in your body, targeting where the pain and inflammation is, and sending messages to the brain which relieves the pain of the affected area.

In fact, CBD can actually prevent joint injury while runners train, reducing pain associated with swelling, and therefore suppressing the swelling by decreasing the rate at which the skin cells of the targeted are multiplied. The substance is especially helpful when runners need quick relief from pain during or immediately after a workout.

CBD reduces muscle cramps and spasms

Athletes – or simply, very active individuals – typically experience muscle spasms and cramps from repeated use of the same muscles. This is especially the case for runners, as their bodies have become accustomed to the swift, up and down, forward-facing motions of quickly picking one foot up after the other.

Because muscle spasms often come out of nowhere, lasting for several seconds up to longer periods of time which could become crippling, runners should have some type of medication on hand to calm and stop them. This medication could (and should) be CBD.

Applying topical CBD to the area where the muscle spasm is occurring can provide almost instant relief for runners. CBD topicals or creams work on virtually any muscle group, including the neck, back, stomach, arms and legs of the athlete.

CBD boosts your immune system

A lot of people view CBD as their one-a-day health supplement or multivitamin, and for good reason.

CBD is overloaded with antioxidants and is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that can keep sickness at bay much better (and much more naturally) than popping three or four different vitamins that you don’t really know what the ingredients are made up of.

Remember, CBD is just CBD. It is a natural, healing cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, making it an ideal supplement for those only wanting to put good and natural into their bodies.

Because CBD is rich in antioxidants, it helps the body fight infection quickly and effectively, also aiding in heart health, digestive health, and neurodegenerative disorders. Runners taking CBD regularly are able to withstand the strain and stress of intense training, while also reaching optimal performance levels.

CBD prevents “game day” anxiety

If you have been training and preparing for a big race, odds are you’re going to feel some game-day jitters the morning of, which is totally normal and even expected.

CBD is a well-known anti-anxiolytic, which is one of the most commons reasons people turn to CBD in the first place – to ease the stress and anxieties that everyday life puts on our shoulders.

Taking CBD before a high-pressure event has been proven to dramatically reduce people’s anxiety, allowing their nerves to reside naturally so they are better able to focus on the race, and not their anxiety.


Taking CBD is an effective way to enjoy faster recovery from particularly intense workouts and trainings. In addition, CBD protects runners and other athletes (and active people in general) from severe injuries, enables them to relax comfortably after vigorous workouts, and provides them an extra dose of healthy so they can keep calm and run on.


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