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4 Ways CBD Benefits the Conscious Consumer

This decade has given rise to the conscious consumer. We care about what we are putting into and onto our bodies, where our food is coming from, and finding sustainable solutions for every day things. From reusable water bottles and straws to more fuel efficient cars, we are thinking about our environmental impact when we make purchases like never before -for the good of the people, the good of our planet, and the good of our souls.

And now, we are advocating for CBD to be available to anyone looking to obtain the many, many health benefits the multifunctional cannabis compound has to offer.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the wellness supplement the population can’t seem to get enough of, and for good reason. It is non-intoxicating (meaning it will not get you high), it is naturally derived from hemp plants, and it is able to treat such a wide range of health conditions because of its interaction with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

People are raving about CBD for diminishing their joint pain, easing their stress and anxiety, providing clearer and longer focus throughout the day, aiding in their gut health, and curbing their bad addictions like drugs, alcohol, and smoking.

And that’s just surface CBD benefits talk. There are loads of other reasons people are taking it, but the general answer (if there can be only one) is that CBD works to greatly improve the overall health and well-being of a person.

And because consumer perspective is shifting toward a more sustainable and realistic outlook on their purchasing behavior (looking at you in particular, millennials!), CBD is at the epicenter of the health and wellness world as it relates to one product on your bathroom shelf as opposed to 15 different medications and/or health supplements.

We are moving away from processed foods, shopping at stores that practice sustainability, and getting as close to natural as we can get by way of our everyday lifestyles. Seeing firsthand the damage our health and surroundings endure from not treating our bodies and our ecosystems properly has made a big impact on our lives, and we’re here to make a change.

CBD is an amazing example of the conscious consumer movement that we are currently living.

Our purpose has become living a fuller, better quality of life through health, wellness and happiness, and what better supplement to mirror our advocacy than with our favorite health compound?

Here are 4 key ways CBD is helping move the conscious consumer movement right along.

1. CBD Works as a Multifaceted Health Supplement

Because CBD is able to treat so many health conditions, from pain and anxiety to inflammation and injury to skin issues, it allows us to clear our cluttered medicine cabinets full of traditional medications that really aren’t all that helpful, and are even sometimes harmful.

Replacing Tylenol and ibuprofen with CBD? Check. Replacing all those tummy calming meds? Check. Transitioning away from dangerous prescriptions like antidepressants and pain meds that make your brain foggy? Double check. Plus, CBD has the huge added bonus of not harming your liver and kidneys the way other medications do.

Having one health supplement on hand to act as your pick-me-up, your sleeping pill, your calming force, and much more? Count us in. This reduces the purchasing and consumption of many (usually unnecessary) medications and supplements making us greener shoppers, too.

2. CBD Helps us make Better Choices

In order for the supplement function as peak capacity, we have to do our part in making it as easy as possible by staying consistent with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

We all know there is no magic pill or cure-all for every human ailment, but CBD is making a strong case for itself in keeping our bodies in tip top shape through enhancing the receptors found in our endocannabinoid system, the system responsible for regulating sleep, cognitive function, mood, memory, learning, neuronal development and more.

Now that we know CBD has the ability to enhance these imperative processes that keep us alive and thriving, doesn’t that make you want to make better choices like reducing our meat intake and limiting our carbon footprint? We think so.

3. We are encouraging utilization of the hemp plant

There are so many good things to say about the hemp plant. Referred to as the “industrial hemp plant,” hemp provides natural raw materials like rope, clothing, and building materials. Hemp can be grown as a renewable source for raw materials that can be incorporated into thousands of products. Its seeds and flowers, for example, are used in health foods, organic body care, and other nutraceuticals.

Cultivation of the hemp plant encourages farmers and growers to utilize “green” materials like hemp fiber and hempcrete as opposed to harmful commercial products made out of plastic. AND, growing hemp is good for the soil. Hemp has a short grow cycle and helps replenish nutrients into the soil, making it ideal for farmers to grow in between other crops.

What’s the connection to CBD? Remember, CBD is derived from hemp.

4. We are supporting small businesses by purchasing CBD products

CBD brands, products and retailers are only kept standing tall by way of…you guessed it…you! Health-conscious consumers are what keeps us going.

By supporting CBD retailers, you are supporting the small business economy, which is great on many accounts: You are supporting local businesses known to give back to the community, you are receiving better customer service, and you are gaining expert advice and craftsmanship in the process.

Small business owners create more jobs for the economy and are notorious for building up your community, and because CBD is a relatively newly “it” commodity, most CBD companies are startups.


So to all the green warriors out there, old and new – consider making CBD your next purchase on the way to being the ultimate conscious consumer.


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